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Driver Training on Electric Vehicles


All new purchase, lease purchase, rental and second hand electric vehicles from Towrite come with operator training at time of delivery.

The basic operator training is designed to familiarise the operator with the vehicle, the controls, operation, safe use and care. The daily checks, how to charge the vehicle and battery maintenance is also covered.

This is followed by a drive of the vehicle to access an individual’s competence to drive the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner

Due to the size and construction of an electric vehicle some being only compact tugs they will handle differently from normal vehicles or trolleys.

Mesh cage, waste bin and trailer towing for electric vehicles is also catered for but can only be accessed if there are these available at the time of training

We can also offer a number of training packages for all types of electric vehicles any time during a vehicles life, from refresher training to new staff training.

These are based on the level of training required by the site from the basic operation with towing mesh cages, bins or a trailer, and training a trainer so they can train others to use the vehicles.

Training is available for Towrite or other manufactures vehicle but they must have been maintained and serviced regularly to insure its safe operation for both instructor and operators.

The instructor may refuse to train operators on a vehicle that is unfit or poorly maintained as this could pose a Health & Safety risk

The level of training an individual requires will depend on the competence of that person, we will spend a reasonable amount of time if required to help any operator gain the confidence to operate the vehicle but if a person is deemed not to have the skills required then that person will not pass and be recommended to their manager not to operate the vehicle

As most people may not have towed anything before this extra training is essential to ensure the operator is towing in a safe and proper manner to prevent accidents and injury to the operator, the general public and property

It is also essential that the items are connected to the vehicle and each other with the correct and safe towing attachments.

Certificates will be issued on completing the training to the satisfaction of the trainer, and sent out to each operator showing they are a competent operator.