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Most of the vehicles produced by us are available for rental both short or long term, short term will depend on what vehicles are in stock at the time.

Long term rentals are usually new vehicles built to your needs if it is something different form the standard configuration, if a new vehicle is not available a loan vehicle (near to your needs) will be provided until yours is ready

With long term rental you have more choice as to the colour, fitted extras and custom configuration of the body/platform areas, this is for vehicles usually on a 5 or more year term.

With our rental vehicles all servicing and maintenance is included in the cost and will not increase during the rental period, items that are damaged due to miss use, wilful neglect on you part or vandalism is chargeable

All vehicles should be insured by you while on your premises and must to be moved without the permission of Towrite.

We also provide lease purchase where you can spread the cost over a number of years freeing up budgets, this could also qualify for tax relief on capital equipment     (consult your financial department)

All lease purchase is through Kennett Vehicle Leasing

Call our sales team to discuss your needs